Providing both shippers and shoppers an easy way to determine the total landed cost of their goods from anywhere to anywhere.

What your buyer doesn’t know will undoubtedly hurt you… particularly as it concerns the profitability of importing finished articles or components.

The process of identifying all elements of landed cost is complex. Each country imposes its own unique set of duties and other taxes, and regulatory measures, and also assesses fees and formalities according to its own unique formulas. Postal authorities and online retailers are especially vulnerable to costly returns by foreign customers who refuse to accept delivery because of unforeseen charges imposed at their border.

In order to overcome this problem, buyers need to know the total landed cost of their goods before they complete their purchase.

3CE’s Global Landed Cost Calculator automates the difficult task of calculating the total landed cost of goods to more than 150 countries – ensuring that unwelcome surprises are avoided, and providing unprecedented levels of assurance to international buyers.

Our Global Landed Cost Calculator eliminates the need to build and maintain costly internal databases, and delivers total landed cost visibility in more than 100 local currencies to:

  • Procurement professionals, as an integrated component of ERP systems,
  • Online shoppers, as a seamless part of ecommerce sites, and
  • Declarants, as feature of trade hubs and Electronic Single Window platforms.


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