Global Tariff Harmonization

Automated, rule-based solution that provides landed cost and trade compliance visibility from a single tariff code to more than 110 countries.

The process of classifying your product for sale to a single foreign client is complicated enough. Now, multiply that effort by hundreds or thousands of products and dozens or hundreds of countries, and the task becomes overwhelming.

3CE’s global tariff harmonizer has been designed to automate the assignment of national tariff-level codes in more than 110 countries accounting for 97% of world trade.

Available either as an on demand web service, or as an integrated component of our suite of classification and product data management tools, 3CE global tariff harmonization makes it possible to easily and accurately identify any barriers to entry that may affect your goods in any country – such as prohibitions or restrictions, documentary or permit requirements, and punitive measures – allowing you to avoid costly mistakes and ensuring compliance with foreign laws.

Our tariff harmonization tools and services also provide you the ability to exploit selling and sourcing opportunities abroad by pinpointing favorable conditions such as low tariffs and preferential trade agreements.

Whether you are an experienced multinational shipper or are new to international trade, 3CE global tariff harmonization opens new markets in the quickest, most cost-effective and reliable way possible.


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3CE Tariff and Regulatory Trade Data Coverage

Albania Egypt Luxembourg Saudi Arabia
Algeria Estonia Macao Serbia
Andorra Finland Macedonia, Republic of Singapore
Argentina France Madagascar Slovakia
Australia French Polynesia Malaysia Slovenia
Austria Germany Malta South Africa
Azerbaijan Ghana Martinique Spain
Bahamas Greece Mauritius Sri Lanka
Bahrain Guadeloupe Mexico Swaziland
Bangladesh Guatemala Moldova Sweden
Belarus Guernsey Montenegro Switzerland
Belgium Haiti Morocco Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)
Bermuda Hong Kong Namibia Taiwan, Republic of China
Bolivia Hungary Nepal Tanzania, United Republic of
Bosnia and Herzegovina Iceland Netherlands Thailand
Botswana India New Zealand Tunisia
Brazil Indonesia Nicaragua Turkey
Brunei Darussalam Ireland Nigeria Uganda
Bulgaria Israel Norway Ukraine
Burundi Italy Oman United Arab Emirates
Canada Japan Pakistan United Kingdom
Chile Jersey Panama United States Minor Outlying Islands
China Jordan Papua New Guinea United States of America
Colombia Kazakhstan Peru Uruguay
Congo, Republic of the Kenya Philippines Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the Korea, Republic of Poland Viet Nam
Costa Rica Kosovo Portugal Virgin Islands, U.S.
Croatia Kuwait Puerto Rico Yemen
Cyprus Latvia Qatar Zambia
Czech Republic Lebanon Romania Zimbabwe
Denmark Lesotho Russian Federation
Dominican Republic Liechtenstein Rwanda
Ecuador Lithuania San Marino