Providing the Essential Link between Enterprise Procurement and Customs Compliance Functions.

International success is largely determined by the degree to which a company’s procurement and trade compliance functions operate as separate, isolated entities. Effectively managing the increasing complexity and stringency of crossborder trade demands an integrated, collaborative approach involving sales, sourcing and logistics organizations.

3CE’s Global Product Manager (GPM) is a web-based platform that bridges the gap between enterprise product procurement and trade compliance functions. GPM simplifies and streamlines the collection, handling and storage of Customs’ critical commodity information – eliminating costly steps, facilitating collaboration, and ensuring that only one correct version of the truth is maintained and presented to Customs.

The GPM platform includes all the advanced functionality of our groundbreaking automated commodity classification and HS verification tools, comprehensive global tariff and regulatory data, and a variety of additional features designed to enhance productivity and visibility, including:

  • Workflow management,
  • Administrative controls,
  • Batch upload, download to multiple media,
  • Product images, supporting documents, links to national customs rulings
  • Supply chain partner/broker collaboration,
  • Customs-ready audit trails
  • Comprehensive reporting, and
  • Notifications and alerts.

GPM helps our clients achieve their international trade objectives and meet their legal obligations by providing an integrated platform for acquiring, processing and maintaining consistent, accurate and up-to-date trade compliance and landed cost information.


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