Providing full landed cost visibility for ecommerce and procurement organizations.

According to a study of online shoppers conducted by Canada Post, the most important factor for those who do not make purchases online was uncertainty of various costs. When asked for the two most important reasons preventing them from buying online, 1 in 4 respondents cited concerns about customs, brokerage or duty costs.

Ignoring any single element of a cross-border merchandise transaction — commodity classification, fees, or admissibility — can result in a host of costly and undesirable outcomes, including border delays and customer returns.

3CE Ecommerce Enablement and Landed Cost solutions have been designed to demonstrate trustworthiness, ensure compliance and eliminate surprises. We provide a wide-ranging suite of tools, data and services that allow you to:

  • Calculate duties, taxes and other fees for any product in more than 150 countries and 100 local currencies with unprecedented reliability,
  • Identify possible prohibitions or restrictions before goods arrive at the border,
  • Automatically classify products globally using your business rules, and
  • Seamlessly link procurement and customs compliance functions


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