Automated oversight to eliminate duty payment and reporting errors, ensure regulatory compliance, and mitigate legal liability.

HS classification has long been recognized as the most complex and expensive element of the international trade process.

This has compelled many traders to outsource the classification of their goods to third party service providers, such as customs brokers or consultants. While this decision may offer some operational relief, it does not absolve traders from being held liable for any and all classification errors — no matter who provided the service.

Customs authorities accept that traders may have to rely on third parties for HS classification. At the same time however, they require importers and exporters to be vigilant over the classifications done on their behalf. The absence of oversight exposes traders to onerous monetary penalties, shipping delays, and potentially negative press.

3CE HS Verification services provide the most cost effective and reliable way to detect classification errors and associated regulatory violations — both for declarants and Customs authorities alike.

For Customs authorities, 3CE verification service enables comprehensive, discreet monitoring of import and export declarations without the need for additional staff. For importers and exporters, 3CE ensures that:

  • Declarations are complete and accurate before they are submitted to Customs
  • Diligence and reasonable care is established, and
  • Control and visibility over compliance and landed cost data is achieved


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