Classification expertise as you need it and when you need it.

HS Classification is widely understood to be the most complex, labour intensive and therefore costly part of the global trade management/customs compliance process. Consequently, a periodic spike in demand, or the loss of a key employee can have a disastrous effect on your international supply chain.

3CE Classification Advisory Services are aimed at building capacity and eliminating bottlenecks at the lowest possible cost. Our team of experts possesses not only decades of classification experience, but also deep domain knowledge in the myriad of industries covered by the HS – from consumer goods to chemicals, and from raw materials to heavy equipment and machinery. Several of the world’s leading authorities in HS classification – including former directors of several Customs authorities and the World Customs Organization – oversee our efforts and contribute to our ongoing development.

Our classification advisory services are supported by our industry-leading proprietary HS classification and HS code verification tools – ensuring consistency, accuracy and accountability.

Since beginning the service in 2009, we have treated tens of millions of records for multinational shippers, e-commerce companies, and logistics service providers, who have succeeded in:

  • Eliminating crippling bottlenecks
  • Minimizing the cost of commodity classification
  • Maintaining control and visibility over their compliance and landed cost data, and
  • Exploiting new opportunities without adding additional resources


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