Customs-ready classification certificates that support mandatory reasonable care requirements.

The enormous volume and infinite variety of goods being shipped across international borders has driven Customs authorities to look for new ways of assuring regulatory and revenue compliance. Many governments have chosen to shift the compliance burden entirely to importers and exporters of record – requiring them to prove they have exercised reasonable care in their customs filings.

3CE’s HS Certification Service provides traders and service providers the opportunity to self-certify their commodity classifications in the most cost-effective and reliable way possible. 3CE classification certificates are generated automatically when the 3CE classification engine is used. Each classification certificate includes:

  • Transaction identifiers (e.g. declarant ID, date & time, certificate number, etc.)
  • Original commercial goods description
  • Classification tool assumptions and inferences
  • Declarant answers to system-generated questions
  • Classification rationale, citing HS General Rules of Interpretation and Legal Notes
  • Final HS and tariff code, and related trade data

3CE Classification Certificates have been the first to gain official sanction from Customs authorities as a means of:

  • Ensuring that Customs entries are properly assessed,
  • Streamlining the Customs clearance process and facilitating trade,
  • Maximizing the utility of automated systems and the reliability of reported data,
  • Reducing the cost of providing HS classification and post entry audit services, and
  • Eliminating discretion and uncertainty in the application of Customs rules.


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