Instant, accurate commodity classification for organizations with limited resources and large volumes.

Commodity classification is typically the most resource intensive and error-prone activity for organizations involved in cross-border trade. Traditionally, companies have chosen to outsource this function as the answer to the problem of ever-increasing volumes, infinite varieties of goods, and shorter lead times. However, this approach has become unacceptable in today’s severe regulatory and competitive business environment.

3CE Batch Classification solutions have been designed to build classification capacity without adding cost. Our innovative tools stand alone in their ability to read large volumes of complex commercial product information, automatically and accurately assign customs-ready commodity codes, and deliver applicable landed cost and regulatory information.

After having implemented our batch classification solutions, our clients – including some of the world’s most progressive customs brokerages, postal agencies, and e-commerce companies – have achieved profound gains in productivity and profitability. With a proven triple-digit ROI, 3CE Batch Classification tools will help you:

  • Gain visibility and control over a mandatory process that you will ultimately be held liable for,
  • Streamline and engender collaboration between supply chain stakeholders,
  • Open global markets that were previously out of reach, and
  • Differentiate from competitors on the basis of cost, accuracy, and service delivery.


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