Enterprise solutions that eliminate regulatory complexity, automate manual and labor-intensive processes, and ensure compliance and accuracy in Customs filings.

Mission critical customs and regulatory compliance information is seldom found in a single, easily accessible location, and rarely comes in a format that is compatible with enterprise systems – exposing organizations involved in cross-border trade to exorbitant administrative costs and unacceptable levels of risk.

We provide a full range of tools and data that meet the diverse needs of organizations involved in cross-border trade. Our innovative tools promote an integrated, operationally efficient and demonstrably responsible approach to customs and regulatory compliance.

Our privileged relationships with Customs authorities and other government clients have fostered the development of solutions that:

  • Consolidate and standardize official compliance and regulatory data from disparate sources
  • Ensure reliability in mandatory reporting filings and demonstrate trustworthy behaviour
  • Reduce the risks of non-compliance penalties and duty payment errors
  • Provide advance identification of any regulatory requirements that will affect import admissibility or export permissibility, and
  • Seamlessly link procurement and customs compliance functions



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