Tools and Services that help overcome bottlenecks, while ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

HS classification is the first step in every cross-border transaction. Any delay or error in classification can easily translate into:

  • Landed cost calculation errors,
  • Statutory or regulatory non-compliance
  • Supply chain disruptions, including border clearance delays

Whether you manage a global supply chain, are involved in e-commerce, or provide cross-border services, you are challenged by increasing regulatory complexity and stricter service level commitments.

3CE classification support tools and services have been designed to provide the most cost effective and reliable answer to the perfect storm caused by a sudden increase in demand and a shortage of qualified personnel.

We offer a variety of innovative solutions and pricing models that will help you manage the complexities, reduce the costs, and mitigate the risks of international trade, including global product management, automated mass classification, and professional advisory services.


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