Affordable and easy-to-deploy process automation and capacity building solutions for Customs Brokers, Postal Agencies, Multinational Carriers and E-commerce enablers.

The central truth for anyone providing global shipping, customs clearance or e-commerce services is that goods will not move faster than the information controlling them.

This means that your ability to deliver (both literally and figuratively) depends heavily on whether or not you are able to overcome the everyday obstacles of labour-intensive and error-prone procedures, poor source-data from clients, and systems that do not engender collaboration.

Since 1999, we have focused on developing a range of innovative tools that address the specific needs of organizations handling large volumes of constantly changing products, and integrate seamlessly with legacy systems. Our ground-breaking batch HS classification and global landed cost calculation solutions have succeeding in delivering unprecedented levels of automation, speed and accuracy for enterprises involved in customs clearance and ecommerce.

In addition to providing paradigm-shifting compliance automation technologies, we also leverage our deep domain expertise and extensive global partnerships to provide classification advisory services in order to help you alleviate periodic bottlenecks and realize your service level commitments.

Our on-demand service and pay-for-use pricing models have been developed in order to meet your need to control costs, maintain flexibility and compete at the highest level.