Ground-breaking Global Trade Management solutions that reduce costs, mitigate risks, and deliver opportunities.

The challenges faced by companies involved in cross border trade are daunting. Whether you have in-house expertise or rely on 3rd party service providers, the consequences of inefficient and/or inaccurate commodity classification can be catastrophic.

3CE is dedicated to providing importers and exporters the tools they need to eliminate trade compliance and duty calculation errors, and automate the labor-intensive and inefficient process of customs commodity classification.

Our HS classification and HS verification solutions have been adopted by wide range of organizations worldwide, including Customs authorities who have come to depend on 3CE to help monitor import and export reporting and streamline the flow of low-risk goods through their borders.

Because we have focused exclusively on developing the most effective and reliable classification and HS code verification tools, we have been able to provide our clients capabilities that are unparalleled in the market – including:

  • Lowest cost commodity classification and landed cost calculation
  • Highest rates of classification accuracy
  • Non-compliance penalty mitigation
  • Automated broker / 3rd party oversight
  • Tariff engineering and vendor selection
  • Knowledge management and transfer
  • Seamless linking of procurement and regulatory compliance functions

Our record of delivering the industry’s most innovative customs compliance and global trade management solutions, has allowed our customers to effectively manage their costs, mitigate the risk of non-compliance, and succeed in new and profitable markets.