3CE Technologies is pleased to announce that our award-winning classification assistance tool and trade data are now available in the Canada Tariff Finder.

The Canada Tariff Finder is a free tool that allows Canadian exporters and importers to easily and quickly identify potential selling and sourcing opportunities in international markets. The tool is focused on countries that have Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Canada, and where Canadian traders will benefit from preferential tariff treatment.

3CE replaces the Canada Tariff Finder’s old keyword engine, which was not useful for the vast majority of traders who are not proficient at Harmonized System commodity classification. In the new tool, traders are invited to select a target market, submit an everyday description of their goods, and in a few short steps are shown both the preferential duty rates afforded them as exporter from an FTA partner country, as well as the normal duty rates assessed on imports from other countries.

With each searched product, the tool presents the duty rates for the current year as well as subsequent years. The tool also allows users to save searches so that opportunities for different products and in different markets can be easily compared.

The Canada Tariff Finder is a joint initiative by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service of Global Affairs Canada, the Business Development Bank of Canada, and Export Development Canada.