If the challenge of organizing the incredibly diverse and ever-expanding array of goods that comprise the world of cross border trade excites you, this is the opportunity for you.

In order to continue developing leading-edge solutions essential for international trade, we need someone to enhance and maintain our expansive knowledge assets. We are looking for someone focused on delivering the most intuitive and intelligent user experience by ensuring that user queries – no matter how they are expressed – are understood correctly, and that a single correct answer is always delivered.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Developing and administering structured taxonomy data and rules in a formal ontology.
  • Collaboratively work with cross-functional teams to ensure effective alignment of the tools with user experience and information architecture design.
  • Provide ongoing iterative optimization of ontology metadata and automatic text/content classification.
  • Conduct content audits and content analysis.
  • Monitor multiple sources of input (support cases, user search strings) to continually keep taxonomies aligned and drive effective automatic identification of key concepts and related information.
  • Analyze term usage and make suggestions for improvement using inputs from various search, knowledgebase and application use reports.
  • Create new ontologies as needed.
  • Maintain a structured ontology with clear term definitions, and term relationships.
  • Monitor input and feedback from users in order to ensure an optimal user experience.



This role involves managing and enhancing existing knowledge assets, working with developers to deliver an unmatched user experience and unparalleled accuracy. The successful candidate will:

  • Demonstrate and understanding of, and passion for, the effective cataloging and organization of information/knowledge.
  • Have strong analytical skills and a passion for ‘data’ and data-driven approaches to problems
  • Have a solid understanding of the basic principles of constructing and managing controlled vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively and cross-functionally, and have strong communication skills both written and verbal
  • Be able to work independently and balance multiple priorities


Qualifications Sought

  • Experience with knowledge management systems: taxonomy, metadata, controlled vocabularies, classification,
  • Experience with text analytics or computational linguistics.
  • Experience preparing business or technical documentation.
  • Master’s degree in Library or Information Science or equivalent professional experience
  • 5+ years’ experience in Taxonomy/Ontology Development
  • Proven ability to work and deliver effectively in customer-focused, cross-functional teams
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience working in environments with aggressive deadlines and production environments.
  • Detail oriented, self-motivated, and calm under pressure
  • Proven skills in data retrieval techniques, and an understanding of natural language processing.
  • Understanding of programming and programming concepts.
  • Most of all, someone who is smart, likes to do good work and inspire others to do good work, and is genuinely interested in being part of a team that builds preeminent software.


Based in Montreal, one of North America’s most culturally vibrant and unique cities, 3CE offers a competitive salary and unparalleled employee benefits.  We promote an informal work environment that encourages communication and values new ideas and innovation.

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