Forward Thinking

Since our inception in 1999, we have been blazing a trail through the exceptionally complicated world of customs compliance and global trade management. Our industry-leading commodity classification and HS code verification tools are widely recognized as the standard for automation and accuracy.



We are dedicated to helping our clients:

  • Reduce costs associated with the acquisition and assimilation of complex customs compliance information;
  • Streamline the procurement and Customs clearance processes;
  • Mitigate penalties and shipping delays by ensuring that mandatory commodity reporting is complete and accurate when reported to Customs;
  • Minimize the negative impact of employee turnover and cost of training;
  • Enhance their ability to identify and exploit preferential sourcing and selling opportunities abroad; and
  • Free expensive personnel to address complex, value-added tasks.



Our groundbreaking tools have been adopted by a wide range of organizations involved in cross border trade, including Customs and postal agencies, Global 1000 & E-commerce companies, and international logistics services providers.

Free access to local versions of 3CE are available at several government client sites, including:


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