Providing the seamless link between a declarant’s commercial product description and all Customs and Other Government Department requirements.

Electronic Single Windows and Trade Hubs have become a valuable tool in the effort to balance the often competing forces of regulatory enforcement and trade facilitation. Single Windows have been created in order to provide declarants a single repository for difficult-to-find trade compliance information, and allow them to fulfill all cross-border requirements through a single electronic submission of information.

A key factor in the usefulness and reliability of Single Window or Trade Hub initiatives is how easy it is for declarants to find relevant regulatory information.

3CE Single Window and Trade Hub solutions address the problem of ineffective search characteristic of many single window and trade hub initiatives. Our tools have been designed with the understanding that traders do not want to search through long lists of mostly irrelevant, often erroneous, “potential matches”. They want a single, correct answer.

Our innovative tools deliver on the Single Window’s promise of facilitated trade by providing declarants the ability to submit a commercial description of their product and instantly know all they need to know about its importation or exportation.

As a trusted provider of commodity classification and landed cost calculation tools for numerous Electronic Single Window and Trade Hub projects, our tools have set the standard for convenience, accuracy and utility. The many benefits realized by our government clients and their private sector stakeholders include:

  • Streamlined customs clearance,
  • Reporting and duty payment reliability,
  • Consistency, predictability in application of trade regulations,
  • Reduced demand on client services; Optimal deployment of resources, and
  • Superlative user experience


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